Participatory Rapid Disaster Appraisal on Yolanda

Created on Tuesday, 25 February 2014 Published Date

rapid apraisalThe first of a series of workshops for the implementation of a Participatory Rapid Disaster Appraisal (PRDA) in agriculture and fisheries was recently held in Mandaue City. The seminar was intended among others to lead agricultural development workers to “think out of the box” in crafting an integrated response in the rehabilitation of agriculture and fishery communities affected by typhoon Yolanda.

Attended by about 40 regional agricultural development workers and policy makers, social scientists and climate change experts from the academe, the dir ponceworkshop’s outputs included the formation of regional PRDA teams, preparation of report outlines and corresponding questions specific to communities, livelihoods, support services and support services in relation to rehabilitation of agriculture and fishing communities after Typhoon Yolanda.
The undertaking was facilitated by Dr. Eliseo Ponce, technical adviser of DA Systems-Wide Climate Change Office. (mspt/rafis)