Animal Health and Genetic Improvement Programs

  • The Bureau of Animal Industry through its Animal Health Program conducted strategic vaccination, disease surveillance, quarantine and related activities and info dissemination to eradicate and control animal diseases.
  • The Office International des Epizooties (OIE) recognized the country as Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD )free without vaccination on May 26, 2011. This opened up export opportunities of Philippine pork products to other countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. 
  • The country also maintained its status as Avian Influenza free that allowed us to continue exporting chicken to Japan and explore other export markets. 
  • Other economically important diseases such as Surra, Hemorrhagic Septicemia, Porcine Respiratory Reproductive Syndrome (PRRS), etc. were also controlled.
  • More than 70 Nucleus and Multiplier Farms and Production Centers were maintained by the Genetic Improvement Program and distributed good genetics and planting materials to farmers and local government units. Unified Artificial Insemination Program (UNAIP) was also implemented that produced and distributed semen straws for upgrading of large and small ruminants.

On Infrastructure

  •  Establishment of Liquid Egg Processing Plant in San Jose, Batangas
  • The project aims to achieve (1) higher growth rate for chicken egg production, (2) value adding of chicken egg and (3) availability of affordable and quality processed egg that will eventually substitute imports 
  • Construction is on-going with a total budget of PhP 70.18 million. DA will shoulder PhP 60 million and the rest from the proponent, Batangas Egg Producers Cooperative (BEPCO) as its counterpart. 
  • Establishment of Liquid Nitrogen Plants (LN2) - support to UNAIP
  • Four (4) sites were already identified (Tuguegarao, Camarines Sur, Tacloban and General Santos City) for the project.
  • Assisted 49 Livestock Auction Markets (LAMs)

On Other Support/Special Programs

  • Livestock and Poultry Information and Early Warning System (LPI-EWS) Project  
    • Published quarterly supply and demand forecasts for broiler and swine which were used by the government as a tool for policy formulation on importation and used as a production and marketing tool by the private sector to avoid imbalance in supply and demand and spikes in prices

Livestock Program

2012 Thrusts and Priorities and Plans

Disease Prevention, Control  and Eradication

  • Maintenance of FMD and AI Free Philippines
  • Control and eradication of other economically important diseases

Conservation and Improvement of Genetic Materials

  • Improve the production and reproductive potentials of the local herd through the introduction of superior genetic materials
  • Develop and implement programs for conservation and utilization of native genetics (Philippine Native Animal Development Program)


Establishment of Post Harvest Facilities

  • Completion of the establishment of Liquid Egg Processing Plant in San Jose, Batangas 
  • Construction of Triple A Slaughterhouses
    • Southern Tagalog area (entry to SLEX)
    • North and Central Luzon area (proximate to NLEX)
  • Establishment of Duck Dressing Facility 
    • Animal Products Development Center (APDC) of BAI in Marulas, Valenzuela City
  • Establishment of Poultry Dressing Plant 
    • Site for identification
  • Completion of the Establishment of Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Plants 
    • Region II (Tuguegarao)
    • Region V (Camarines Sur)
    • Region VIII (Tacloban)
    • Region XII (General Santos City)

Explore and Promote Alternative Nutrition Technologies (e.g. feed substitutes) 


Pursue possible export opportunities specifically of pork and chicken

  • Taking advantage of the maintained AI-free status of the country and the recent declaration as FMD-free without vaccination 

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