Regional Unveiling of the NYR logo

Created on Thursday, 07 March 2013

As the lead agency in the celebration of the National Year of Rice (NYR), the DA under Proclamation No. 494, held a simultaneous unveiling of the NYR logo in all regional offices, stressing a unified effort to attain food staple sufficiency in the region.

In Cebu, Director Angel Enriquez called for the support and participation of the employees and consumers who are keyplayers in the implementation of the food staple sufficiency program to try other sources of carbohydrates such as cassava, sweet potato and corn among others.


In Negros Oriental, the Provincial Agricultural Technology Coordinating Office (PATCO) joins the unveiling of the NYR logo with the other attached agencies in the province, as expression of support in the attainment of DA’s goal for food staple sufficiency in the region. (asb/rafis)