PRDP-aims to increase farmers income

Created on Wednesday, 04 June 2014

prdp2The lifestyle of an ordinary farmer maybe changed with the upcoming projects of the Philippine Rural Development Program (PRDP) in Central Visayas.

According to Deputy Program Director Arnel de Mesa in a recent First InfoAce Coordination Meeting, in Manila, PRDP aims to increase farmers’ income by 5% across the regions by generating enterprise in its projects. He said that for Region 7, Danajon Bank in Bohol, has been earmarked for around $7M for development assistance.

The Danajon Bank in Bohol, according to London’s Zoological Society, is Pacific Oceans cradle of biodiversity. The 90-mile reef is home to diverse exotic species which includes the crocodile flathead, and mandarin fish among others. Side by side in the reef are thousands of small fisherfolks who thrived by fishing in the area for years.

The dwindling resources in the reef according to the Coastal Environmental and Fishe
ries Profile of Danajon Bank in 2006, is attributed to overfishing, illegal and destructive fishing, coastal habitat degradation, siltation and pollution.

The need to create a program to conserve the rich resources in the area is PRDP’s main target next year.

Tagged project for Danajon Reef in order to counteract the environmental degradation is seaweed farming.

Max Ricohermoso, one of the biggest seaweed farming investor in the area, testified how seaweed farming has helped raise the income of small farmers, who he said, had been instrumental in sending children to school, building houses, and acquiring household appliances.

PRDP is a six-year project funded by the World Bank (WB), which partners with the local government units (LGU’s) and the private sector in providing key infrastructure, facilities, technologies and information that will raise incomes ,productivity, and competitiveness in the countryside. (Anna Delza S. Barimbao)

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