Training on Enhancing Field-Laboratory Coordination in Diseases Determination

Created on Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) recently held a four-day training on enhancing field and laboratory connections for the Central and Eastern Visayas regions at an uptown hotel in Cebu City.

Attended by provincial veterinarians, the undertaking is aimed at strengthening the linkages of the local government units and the regional offices in the work of collecting samples for determination of animal diseases.

The undertaking was fifth of the series of trainings over ten regions in the Philippines conducted by BAI. BAI’s Laboratory Services Chief, Dr. Magdalena Cruz underscored the proper linkages between the local government units and the regional and national offices in animal disease control to enhance disease outbreak investigation and management.

OIC Regional Executive Director Angel Enriquez cited local government counterparts as the first line of defense in controlling livestock diseases. She also commended the livestock team for maintaining an Avian Flu and Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD)-free region.

Technical knowledge like describing lesions, diseases of swine and ruminants, identifying common diseases per province, and controlling rabies were among the topics conveyed to the participating veterinarians. These topics offer practical knowledge to provincial veterinarians in controlling animal diseases.

Also taught during the training was writing the proper diagnosis by Dr. Sylvana Sison and the proper way of opening the body of a chicken for laboratory examination by Dr. Morales of Philippine Animal Health Center (PAHC).

15 participants from Region 7 and 14 participants from Region 8 attended the training.(jevanni_alvero)

Director Enriquez challenges the participants to maintain the FMD and Avian Flu free status of Region 7 and expresses her support in the area of animal disease detection and control.

Dr. Morales (holding the chicken) shows the proper way of opening the body of the chicken for laboratory examination.

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