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DA Undersecretary for Livestock Jose Reaño (rightmost), with Regional Technical Director Joel Elumba and Regional Executive Director Angel Enriquez (1st and 2nd from left, respectively) field questions from local government technicians, students and guests during a forum at the Ubay Stock Farm in Bohol.

The Department of Agriculture will strengthen research on the use of indigenous plants as ingredients of feeds and veterinary medicines.

This was stressed by Undersecretary for Livestock Jose Reaño during a recent visit at the Ubay Stock Farm (USF) in Bohol Province. Reaño was guest during the 93rd anniversary of the government livestock animals facility.

According to Reaño, the move is in line with the government agency’s efforts to help farmers attain better profitability by reducing production cost. By using indigenous ingredients for feeds and veterinary medicines, farmers will be able to produce livestock and poultry animals with lesser expenses.

The DA undersecretary cited that some of the plants indigenous to the Philippines which have medicinal potentials are oregano and bignay. He also mentioned that the use of the useful microorganism lactobacillus plantarum has been found to increase protein in silage for animals. In addition, he said that plans are afoot to amend the Republic Act governing commercial feed production to already include other elements such as amino acids and cellulose found in indigenous plants.

USEC Reaño said that with the use of indigenous components for feeds and veterinary medicines, farmers may be able to raise livestock and poultry at least cost, thereby improving their profitability.

At 93, Ubay Stock Farm is one of the oldest in the country. It was established in 1917, and was covered with a proclamation by the Governor General of the Philippines On September 17, 1921. The facility is also probably the biggest in the country at about 3,600 hectares. The stockfarm is mandated to conduct applied researches in the field of animal breeding, nutrition, health management and native animals conservation, among others. (DA-7/merilyn pepito - talagon)

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