Created on Monday, 04 May 2015

Demand for organic agriculture products motivated Marilou Mejia Escalona to go into farm-to-table business. 

According to Escalona, 80% of the demand are from the local clients who have learned the benefits of organic products, to include hotels, beach resorts and tourists in Panglao Island. 

Escalona assured  that 100% of the dishes offered at her restaurant are organically grown and produced in her integrated crop-livestock farm. 

Condiments from fresh chopped herbs like ginger, chilli and lemon grass for the native chicken specialty with the organic fruit juice concoctions have contributed  to the distinct taste  of the dishes of the restaurant, Escalona said. 

Escalona said that  the number of animals and poultry slaughtered depend largely on her yearround farm harvests. She never runs out of inputs for the restaurant. 

Escalona who is the year’s nominee to the National Gawad Saka Search – Small Animal Raiser Category, said that the project can be realized by means of accruing investments for years in the near future.  She was the provincial winner of the Search on “Suhid sa Malampusong Mag-uumang Bol-anon” last year. 

Johny Samson, Bohol’s provincial artificial insemination coordinator, assessed that the frequenters in the farm restaurant increased from 30% to 40% in 2014.  Samson disclosed that the restaurant has become venue for trainings, seminar–workshops, picnics and other special events. 

Contributing to the attraction of clients for organic products, is the sanitation and the absence of  foul smell even with the swine and poultry in the restaurant premises. 

Offered uniquely in  what is called Egay’s Farm and Restaurant are organic herbal juices from camote tops, pandan, lemon grass and lemonsito among others. (Lolita Maramara-RAFIS).

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