CHANGE is coming to Sagbayan

Created on Thursday, 06 October 2016

Gladness etched the weary face of 78-year-old Romualdo Tik-ing upon hearing about the nearing completion of the San Agustin Canmaya-Diot farm-to-market road (fmr) in Sagbayan, Bohol.

Tik-ing, an industrious farmer in barangay Canmaya Centro is just one (1) of the 2000 beneficiaries projected to embrace change with the concretion of the road.

As he is tending at a farm he works for, he looked back at how life used to be with the unconcreted road.

“Sauna aron madala ang among produkto sa sentro amo balsahon sa di pa isakay sa habal-habal padung merkado, karon nga naa nay dalan makakugi ko’g maayo kay di naman lisud,”
(We used to transport our goods to the centro by means of balsa, a carabao driven carriage prior to transferring it to a motorcycle taxi which will then transport the goods to the markets. Now, with the road at hand, I am more encouraged to triple my work since transporting is already an ease.”) He said.

It would take an hour for Tik-ing’s goods to reach the markets but with the rehabilitation of the road, travel time has reduced from 10 to 15 minutes.

“Nalipay kaayo ko nga gitrabaho ang dalan sa among lugar, gani nakapalit ko ug baka ug nakapaayo kos akong balay” he added.
“I am very happy with the road concretion, I was even able to buy a cow and even fixed my house, he added.

With this road, he see a much improved way of living for all farmers within the four barangays connected by the fmr – passage of various trucks becomes easy, people and goods moving in and out of Sagbayan becomes hassle-free.

Words of gratitude also overflowed from the mouth of Barangay Captain Eulogio Appari of Canmaya Centro on how the road brought economic changes to his area.

He described that the road has neutralized with what he thought was their biggest loss – their rice fields after their province was struck by an earthquake three (3) years ago. “Bisan ug nawala ang among lapad nga kahumayan nunot sa kalamidad, mapasalamaton gihapon mi tungod ning dalan makapangita ra gihapon mi ug alternatibo nga mga panginabuhian gawas nga mapadali ang among produktong mais ngadto sa kamerkadohan”. Appari explained.

“Despite, of what had happened. We are still very thankful for this road, it ensured faster transporting of our corn product and will open other opportunities for income generating livelihood.” Appari explained.

Other products in the area such as copra have also felt the change they have long yearn for.

Barangay Captain Erwin Capa of Barangay Kagawasan said that the farmers in their area used to pay P 30 per sack as transportation fee just to deliver their produce to the market. With the road, vehicles can directly speed off to the farms to pick up the goods at no extra cost.

“Fifty percent (50%) ang mahimong pasaka sa income sa mga farmers di na sila magpanagana sa pagpananom kay paspas naman ang pagtrasport sa produkto.” Capa said
“I am looking at 50 % increase in income due to the easy transport of the farmers’ goods encouraging them to plant without worries or even hesitation.” Capa said.

Barangay Captain Glen Samputon of Barangay Diot added that due to the impact brought about by the Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP) in realizing their community’s much needed project, a productive community of farmers is seen to unfold in the municipality of Sagbayan.

“My heartfelt gratitude to the World Bank, Department of Agriculture and our Province for making this road a reality for all of our farmers.” Samputon expressed.

Sagbayan is among the municipalities in Bohol that continues to recover after being badly hit by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake last 2013 causing severe damage to major rice fields. Bexmae P. Jumao-as, PDA for InfoACE RPCO 7