Central Visayas farmers warned about five pests

Created on Monday, 28 January 2019

DA’s Chief of Regional Crop Protection Center Dr. Bienvenido Acabal told media in a forum Wednesday that one of the pests, the Rice Black Bug, destroyed up to P8.4 million worth of crops in Negros Oriental from 2017 to 2018.

The Rice Black Bug is one of the most diffi­cult sap-feeding pests to control, Acabal said.

Aside from the Rice Black Bug, the other pests that could emerge during periods of heavy rain or damp conditions are rodents, the rice stemborer, the rice tungo virus, and the Bacterial Leaf Blight, he said.

Such conditions usually occur during an El Niño episode.

The pests could affect 51 to 260 regions in the country if not prevented or treated immediately, Acabal said.

He called on the farmers in Central Visayas to be more vigilant to report even the slightest suspicion of pest infestation to authorities.

DA’s Bantay Peste Brigade program is one main interventions that enables the government and volunteers to work hand in hand on pest control, Acabal said. (With reports from Sarah Hazel Chavez, USC intern)