Tabla Farmers Harvest Vegetables in their Techno Demo Farm

Created on Monday, 04 February 2019

Fifty five farmers of Barangay Tabla, Liloan, Cebu are now harvesting vegetables from their one hectare vegetable techno demo farm.

These farmers are members of the Tabla Farmer Scientist Training Program (FSTP), the Table Multipurpose Cooperative and the Tabla Farmers Association t. They harvested vegetables like eggplant, ampalaya, tomatoes, string beans, among others..

The area, owned by their Barangay Captain Maria Rosenia Tilao, lent her land for the establishment of a vegetable technology demonstration that will serve as a hands-on learning site. "Sa pag-established ining among techno demo, gihatagan mi sa Department of Agriculture -7 (DA-7) og lainlaing assistance sama sa vegetable seeds, water sprinklers, plastic crates and drums, rakes, pick mattocks ug, fertilizers. Daku kaayo ni nga katabang sa amoa sa pagsugod sa among gardening. (In the establishment of this techno-demo, the Department of Agriculture-7 (DA-7) gave us assistance like vegetable seeds, water sprinklers, plastic crates and drums, rakes, pick mattocks, and fertilizer. These assistance help us a lot as we start our own gardening).

For Evelyn Pitogo, the Vice President of Tabla FSTP Association, said that this is their first time to engage in vegetable production. "We are very happy that our garden is very productive and successful. We are very grateful to DA for the assistance provided. We started last November of 2018, now we are harvesting what we sow".

Pitogo said that some technologies they learned include contour farming, intercropping, companion planting, plastic mulching and the Integrated Pest Management. Ang among nakat-onan, amo kining i-share sa among silingan ug sa laing mga farmers. (We will re-echo and share our learning to our nieghbors and to other farmers in our area.

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