Aerodynamics Provides Easy Palay Drying

Created on Wednesday, 06 February 2019

When all goes well, rice farmers of Central Visayas will dry their palay easy and efficiently.

This after a Russian investor Alex Levin had an initial discussion with DA-7 Director for Operations Marina Hermoso, introducing a new rice drying technology using aerodynamics and infrared.

The machine which is capable of drying 5-6 MT tons of rice per hour is a Russian-developed technology. “This technology has been employed by Vietnam and Thailand and their productivity increased by 40%,” says Mr. Levin. He added that the machine is a multi-dryer because it can be used for other commodities such as coffee, cacao and even fruits.

Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation Armi L. Garcia who is facilitating the meeting with Director Hermoso, also shared that the technology had been subjected to research by the Cambridge University and that it had a very positive result in terms of effectivity and efficiency.

‘The company also promises of ‘after-sales’ care of the machine because they will establish their company in the Visayas which will also employ Filipinos,’ says Garcia, when asked about some troubleshooting concerns.
Mr. Levin also added that they will properly train the farmers or the operators on the operations and maintenance of the equipment. “We will not just sell and bye”, he quipped.

Director Hermoso recommended a test or demonstration of the technology with the Philippine Center for Postharvest and Mechanization before it will be officially launched at the Philippine market.