Skills Training Strenghtens Farm Mechanization

Created on Friday, 15 February 2019

Farmer association beneficiaries of the compact corn mill undergo a skills training on the Proper Operations, Maintenance and Troubleshooting held recently in Danao City, Cebu.

The training conducted by the Department of Agriculture-Central Visayas (DA-CV) will equip these beneficiaries on how to troubleshoot their machine in case of malfunction. Around 30 farmers assigned or designated as operators of their compact corn mill were taught and asked to familiarize the parts and functions of the machine.

"To be familiar with the machine, we asked them to identify minor problems encountered during the use of the machine, asked them to dismantle and assemble it back, so they will know how to fix it", says Engr. Daryl Dumayac, a technical staff of the DA-7's Regional Agricultural Engineering Group (RAEG).

Engr. Dumayac said that the troubleshooting of machine will capacitate the beneficiaries to fully use the machine granted to them by DA.

Compact corn mill is one of the project interventions of DA designed by the Philippine Center for Postharvest Development and Mechanization (PhilMech) to ensures good quality produce at par with the commercial corn mills. A unit of the machine can mill 350 kilograms of corn per hour and can function for 8 hours.

Distribution of these machines started in 2015 to address the milling problem of corn farmers especially those in the mountain areas. It also targets to increase the level of farm mechanization activities of the farmers in order to help reduce postharvest losses.

" Mostly, the corn mills are located in the poblacion area. The high transportation and milling cost are some of the reasons why some farmers no longer plant corn. With this compact corn mill, milling can now be done in their area", Engr. Roy Manzano, RAED staff said.

Romano Martel, farmer operator participant from Brgy. Lawaan, Danao City, shared that their compact corn mill was able to serve not only their barangay but also other 8 barangays of Danao City. Per day milling reached 300-400 kilos of corn.

Marcos Sumbilon of Brgy. Cambanog, Dumanjug, Cebu expressed his gratitude to DA for the continued assistance.