DA7 trains AFP Central Command personnel on urban gardening

Created on Tuesday, 02 June 2020

In response to the forged partnership between the Department of Agriculture (DA) and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), the AFP Central Command (CentCom) here in Cebu City recently underwent a one-day seminar on Urban Gardening.

The seminar, conducted inside the CentCom headquarters, is in line with the DA's Plant, Plant, Plant program (4Ps) or Ahon Lahat, Pagkaing Sapat kontra COVID-19 Program (ALPAS sa COVID-19).

CPT Rhey B. Mallorca , Operation Officer, AFP Health Service Center-Central (AFPHSC-Central) during the training, expressed his gratitude and support to the program of DA especially during this time of pandemic. The seminar, he said will equip AFP staff with skills in putting up an urban garden inside the AFP premises. This urban garden will showcase food production in a highly urbanized cities.
"In this time of pandemic, where food movement is quite abnormal, this training will help us produce our own food. We look forward for the continued advocacy. Helping each other will lead to greater success for us here in the city," Mallorca said
He added that there areas inside the camp that will be used by the units of the different AFPs for the establishment of their gardens.
Among the training participants, Florendo Lapaz, Staff Sergeant (SSG), shared that the training gave him more knowledge in vegetable gardening. He revealed "Daku kaayo ni nga tabang sa kada pamilya nga adunay sapat ug sustansyadong pagkaon". (This is a great help for the families to have enough and nutritious food.)
One of the DA7 trainers Nimfa Davis, Senior Science Research Specialist encouraged the participants to plant not only inside the camp but also in their respective households, where they can produce fresh, safe and healthy foods.
Training subjects include urban gardening, vegetable production, and pest and diseases management.
Participants observed the actual hand tractor operation followed with the hands-on land preparation and seed sowing.

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