Faces of DA7 frontliners' in the WALL OF AGRI 4Ps (Plant, Plant, Plant Program)

Created on Tuesday, 02 June 2020

WE WALK OUR TALK. DA-7 employees do their part in the Plant, Plant, Plant Program (4Ps) making their work-from-home (WFH) more productive.
The 'Faces of DA7' is a photo exhibit where pictures of employees in their garden are posted in the 'Wall of 4Ps' as part of the program launching. These pictures are proof that DA-7 employees set as examples by responding to the campaign on Plant, Plant, Plant as they showcase their own home garden.
Research Division chief Fabio Enriquez said that under the "new normal", its high time for us to plant our own vegetables in support of Agriculture Secretary William Dar's 4P program.

Through this program, we can contribute in the attainment of household food security. "We can eat healthy and safe vegetables because we are the ones who produced them. Also, engaging ourselves in home gardening establish a stronger family relations and bonding. The feeling of contentment while seeing the plants grow and watering them regularly until you harvest your produce is wonderful," Enriquez quipped.
Nila Corpuz of the Planning and Monitoring Evaluation Division is very proud of her container vegetable garden. "Though my space at home is limited, I put my container gardens in my verandas. I have already cooked and tasted the fruit of my labour", Corpuz said.
Wall of 4Ps is updated every week to feature new 'Faces of DA7' in their home gardens.

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