‘Emak-Sinamak’---A Stepping Stone to Success

Created on Monday, 28 March 2022

A family’s life was improved with this one product, “Emak-Sinamak,” or spiced up coco vinegar. Its natural ingredients are 100 percent sourced from Canlaon City and is now one of the favorite “sawsawan” of the locals.

Maxima “Emak” Paron was the originator of the product when she was only 23 years old, but it was Ronald Paron, one of the top three winners of the Regional Young Farmers’ Challenge in 2021 who continued and prospered the family’s business. Ronald recounted her grandma, Emak, who had difficulty blending the right taste for the market at that time. Ronald recalled the time the siblings helped sell the products to their neighbors, he added that to start a business is the hardest but passion and determination lighten it.
Now that Ronald is mature enough at 26 to run a business, he chose to pick up and continue the business that was started by his grandma. He remembered it was the proceeds of the family enterprise that sent the siblings to college--this thought was his inspiration to continue the legacy of her grandma.
Ronald’s vision for the enterprise is to widen the market and cater to those selling barbecues, chicharon and other emerging businesses that might need Emak-Sinamak as its dipping sauce. The need for more capital to grow the business was his primary concern but this was answered when he learned of the Young Farmers’ Challenge: Kabaaang Agribiz Grant Assistance Program.
With the price of P50T at the provincial level and another P150T at the regional level, he developed a 1.17 hectare for the production of spices. When he runs short of supply from his farm, he buys from other farmers, which helped them market their produce. He also tapped his coco vinegar from the marginal coco farmers locally called “mananguite,”. He said that buying the vinegar from them greatly helped the coco farmers increase their income as he buys it at a reasonable price.
What makes Ronald happy these days, is the rising demand for his product not only in Canlaon City but to nearby cities and municipalities and as a pasalubong to friends abroad. He said the business growth was made possible through the help of his influencer friend who promoted the product through his radio program.
Currently, Emak-Sinamak is registered under the Department of Trade and Industry, as a brand of Paron’s Food Product.
His involvement in several social endeavors such as being chair of the Youth for Peace Philippines Inc. Regional Peace Communication Committee, 2019 awardee as top 10 Most Outstanding Youth Volunteer of the Visayas, representative for National Youth Volunteers Coalition for Visayas area, President of the Pag-asa Youth Federation of the Philippines (Canlaon Chapter), a peer educator for Commission on Population, a manager for the Canlaon City COVID 19 quarantine facility unit camp and a youth focal for livelihood training in Negros Oriental, greatly help boost the marketing of his product.


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