DA7 Farmer-Director delves ways to help farmers

Created on Wednesday, 11 May 2022

Farmer Regional Executive Director (FRED) Alfredo Oguis, met with members of the management committee to discuss ways to help farmers lessen operational farm expenses among other things, in a meeting at the Department of Agriculture Regional Field Office 7 at Maguikay, Mandaue City. FRED Oguis, who once served as a consultant for 15 years with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in Southeast Asia, suggested improving the research outreach stations in the provinces as facilities to promote agricultural technologies.

Oguis added that the research stations can be venues to teach farmers to produce local fertilizers instead of creating an import-dependent farming sector. Local materials can be processed as fertilizers and can be as effective and efficient as their imported counterparts, he said.

He likewise sees the participation of the agri-fishery councils from the municipal to the provincial level to be able to contribute to the regional development council.

Support for the in-place surveillance mechanism on an early monitoring system for African Swine Fever and other diseases is another area to be strengthened, says Oguis.

FRED Oguis also looks into ways to partner with the Commission on Higher Education to improve the curriculum of agriculture courses to attract the youth. It is noted that declining interest in agriculture among the youth is on the rise with the advancement of information technology.

Oguis who will serve the DA as FRED in May rallies the cooperation among the DA family members to achieve the goals of the department to help the farmers increase their income and production.

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