Solar –Powered Water Pump Benefits Farmers in Siquijor

solarPower outage, energy and water shortage have caused so much disturbance not only to the business world but also to the agricultural economy.

Summer in the province of Siquijor, was not only hot but it dried up most farms. Mercy Quiling of Sitio Agong, Larena, who had been planting vegetables in their backyard, said the recent summer heat caused her plants to wither. She said further that water sources have also dried up making water an expensive commodity at the moment. Quiling added that the dry and hot summer affected even the backyard gardens of the said sitio.


Organic Agriculture Training in Bohol

organic livestockRecent training on organic agriculture entices some 50 participants to implement their learning.

According to Wilberto Castillo, alternate focal person on Organic Agriculture (OA) of the Department of Agriculture (DA RFO 7), the subjects they learned were eye-openers to the participants who had been practicing inorganic farming.


Learning and Earning Site Entices Maribojoc Folks to Engage in Farming

engageIn the past, majority of the populace in the Municipality of Maribojoc in Bohol is left without a choice except to be employedin the urban area for a living.

The rocky terrain of the municipality makes it unsuitable for agriculture. Engaging in agriculture was simply impossible, says ReylanJabonillo, Center Director of the BinhiSaPanginabuhian Farm and Training Center.



What happens when farmers go into business?

Decades ago, farmers in the Philippines plant or raise livestock only for household consumption. A lot of them practice barter trade, “ I need your crops I’ll exchange it of what you don’t have.” The practice leaves the farmers an unsharpened acumen for business and farming brings such despondency to the next generation.


PRDP-aims to increase farmers income

prdp2The lifestyle of an ordinary farmer maybe changed with the upcoming projects of the Philippine Rural Development Program (PRDP) in Central Visayas.

According to Deputy Program Director Arnel de Mesa in a recent First InfoAce Coordination Meeting, in Manila, PRDP aims to increase farmers’ income by 5% across the regions by generating enterprise in its projects. He said that for Region 7, Danajon Bank in Bohol, has been earmarked for around $7M for development assistance.


RED Enriquez Exhorts Staff to Heed Secretary’s Call

RED Enriquez Exhorts Staff to Heed Secretary’s Call

“Focus our minds, deliver the results”.

This was the call of Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala in a message read for him by Undersecretary Antonio Fleta at the recent DA internal budget hearing in Palawan.


Self-worth through DA-NIA Program Drives Farmer to Excel

Gone are the days when farmers drool over the income of neighboring counterparts in Asia.

It just seemed impossible for us to compete with them, says Terencio Palma of Pilar, Bohol
The time devoted to farming and the resources spent just doesn’t seem to remunerate the harvest. The rustic barangay of Bayongon has been producing rice for years but the sad note is that the farm heroes never reached an excellent harvest of ten tons per harvest.

This has been the scenario for years, it takes great minds to devise great plans, and one that would give excellent results. The only way to spur production is not for the government to dole out farm inputs but to stir the ego of every farmer to move up- and that way is through competition. The spirit of competition drives every individual to shine, and psychology calls it the need for self-worth.


In Central Visayas: Artificial Insemination Technology gives better life for Farmers

aiGina Lañojan of Bahay, Sibonga Cebu raises cattle produced through Artificial Insemination (AI) as her way of supporting her husband Victorino’s income and to showcase the advantages of breeding animals through AI.
Her animals are bigger than native animals, earning the couple bigger income which they used in improving their house and in buying appliances, among others.


RED A. Enriquez Underscores Harmonized Efforts in Agriculture Services

Department of Agriculture-7’s OIC Regional Executive Director Angel Enriquez has recently underscored the importance of harmonizing efforts in the delivery of agriculture development services.


Better life seen in Downstreaming Research

cparArchived researches could never see the fulfillment of the researchers.

There are a hundred researches conducted by many individuals and organizations but many of it go to the bookshelves and gather dust. The birth of the Community-based Participatory Action Research (CPAR) in Central Visayas has been a blessing to the farmers who were manacled to the old practice of farming giving them low production and income for years.


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