'One-DA' approach, Harmonization meeting held in Cebu's 6th district

In response to the 'One DA' approach to agriculture transformation of Agriculture Secretary William Dar, the Department of Agriculture -Central Visayas (DA-7) conducted another round of DA-LGU Harmonization Meetings of agricultural initiatives in Cebu's 6th Congressional District.



Call for public vigilance and more stringent border measures shall be implemented at all ports in Region 7 following official declaration of African Swine Fever (ASF) in Region 8 - the first case of ASF in the Visayas.

Field reports on alleged high mortalities among swine population in Abuyog, Leyte since the first week of January (although unconfirmed yet at that time) already triggered an alarm thus the Central Visayas Animal Disease Surveillance Advisory Committee (CV ADSAC) under the Department of Agriculture Region 7 convened in a virtual meeting on 13 January 2021 the Chief Veterinarians in all four provinces and other City Veterinarians together with the Regional Vet Quarantine Services 7 (RVQS-7) and Director Eduardo Oblena of the National Meat Inspection Services – Region 7 (NMIS-7).

Personnel of the LGUs and the RVQS-7 deployed in ports are directed to strictly check all documents accompanying transported swine (including pork) and ensure that all livestock transport vehicles are properly disinfected (disinfection certificates must be present at all ports). Online application for shipping permits is already enforced by the RVQS-7 with an additional requirement for submission of a route plan.

Bohol issued last November 26, 2020 EO 56 s2020 regulating transport and movement of pigs. Bohol is now implementing regulation where trucks containing pigs are unloaded / loaded only in designated area within their ports. Meanwhile the Province of Cebu will soon release a new Executive Order regarding establishment of quarantine regulations on the entry of livestock transport vehicle and vessels into the province of Cebu. The veterinarians have further discussed the designation of specific ports in the region for entry/exit for trucks from Luzon and other regions affected with ASF.

The group also agreed to the conduct of random blood sample collections on slaughterhouses for negative surveillance. The laboratory tests will be conducted at the Regional Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory-7 (RADDL-7).

To ensure the protection of the region against entry of the ASF virus, all stakeholders and the general public are advised to:
1. Avoid feeding pigs with swill
2. Avoid the purchase of processed pork products coming from areas affected with ASF
3. implement biosecurity measures in all swine farms (backyard or commercial0
4. ensure that traders and animal feed deliveries must properly disinfect their transport vehicles.
Importantly, unexplained mortalities in pigs must be reported immediately to the local veterinary office or municipal agriculture offices.

We urge everyone to be vigilant in maintaining CV ASF-free.

(Sgd) Atty. Salvador D. Diputado, LL.M.,Ph.D
Regional Executive Director
Department of Agriculture-7

Director Diputado visits Tamlang Valley

tamlang valley

Regional Executive Director Atty. Salvador D. Diputado of the Department of Agriculture-7 (DA7) visits the Tamlang Valley in Brgy. Avocado, Santa Catalina, Negros Oriental


DA7 Director Atty. Salvador D. Diputado visits the San Julio ARBC in Tanjay City, Negros Oriental.

Executive Director Atty. Salvador D. Diputado of the Department of Agriculture-7 (DA7) visits the San Julio Agrarian Reform Beneficiary Cooperative (ARBC) dairy carabao farm in Tanjay City, Negros Oriental. The ARBC will be supplying the needed milk for the Department of Education's (DepEd) Milk Feeding Program.

DA7 distributes 30 heads upgraded heifer in Negros Oriental

In response to the COVID 19 crisis, the Department of Agriculture-Central Visayas (DA7) turned over 30 heads of upgraded heifer or female cows to farmers in three municipalities of Negros Oriental.


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