Administrative Order No. 37 - Implementing Rules and Regulations on the Grant
of Special Discounts to Senior Citizens on the Purchase of Basic Necessities
or Prime Agricultural Commodities pursuant to Section 2 of R.A. 9257,
otherwise known as the Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2003

12 December 2005 17KB

Administrative Order No. 35 - Regulating the Movement of FMD-Susceptible
Animals, Meat, Meat Products and its By-Products Regions I and CAR

25 November 2005  50KB

Administrative Order No. 36 - Declaration of Regions I, Cordillera Administrative
Region (CAR) except Benguet and the Province of Aurora as Foot and
Mouth Disease (FMD) Free Zone with Vaccination and the province of Bataan,
Tarlac, Pampanga, Zambales, Cavite, Quezon and Rizal as Protected Zones

1 December 2005 74KB

Administrative Order No. 34 - Small Ruminant Farm Accreditation Program

24 October 2005 156KB

Administrative Order No. 33 - Beef Cattle Farm Accreditation Program

24 October 2005           169KB

Administrative Order No. 30 - Amendment to Administrative Order No. 19,
Series Of 2003 Re: Compliance to Good Manufacturing Practice

03 October 2005 18KB

Administrative Order No. 29 - Amended General Guidelines and Requirements
on the Quality Control Laboratory Accreditation of Commercial and
Non-Commercial Feed Manufacturers, Veterinary Drug Manufacturers
and Feed and Drug Service Laboratories

30 September 2005 24KB

Administrative Order No. 27 - Adoption of the Competitive Research Grant 
Manual (CRGM) by All DA Bureaus, Attached Agencies and Regional
Units Engaged in Research and Development Activities

19 September 2005 21KB

Administrative Order No. 26 - Revised Rules, Regulations, and Standards 
Governing the Importation of Meat and Meat Products into the Philippines

31 August 2005 127KB 

Administrative Order No. 25 - Guidelines on the Certification of Good Agricultural
Practices (Gap) for Fruits and Vegetable (Fv) Farming

02 August 2005 42KB

Administrative Order No. 24 - General Guidelines & Requirements on the Quality
Control Laboratory Accreditation of Commercial & Non-Commercial Feed
Manufacturers, Veterinary Drug Manufacturers & for Feed & Drug Service

18 July 2005 25KB

Administrative Order No. 22 - Reconstruction of the ACEF National & Regional
Technical Committees

26 July 2005 17KB

Administrative Order No. 23 - Revised Guidelines for the Accreditation of Swine
Breeder Farms

18 July 2005 40KB

Administrative Order No. 21 - Establishing the Agricultural Biotechnology Center
of the Department of Agriculture

07 July 2005 50KB

Administrative Order No. 20 - Revised Seed and Field Standards for the
Production of Hybrid (F1) Seeds and Hybrid Rice Parental Seeds
(A Or CMS Line B Or Maintainer Line, and R or Restorer Line)

02 June 2005 39KB

Administrative Order No. 18 - Revised Criteria for Accreditation of Hybrid Rice Seed Growers/Producers

02 June 2005 20KB

Administrative Order No. 16 - Rules Governing the Importation of Live Cattle from Brazil

30 May 2005 14KB

Administrative Order 12 - Fees and Related Charges of the Plant Variety Protection Offices

20 April 2005 14KB

Administrative Order 08 - Minimum Plant Material Certification Standards for Mango
(Mangifera indica L.) and Durian (Durio ziberthinus Murr.)

10 Feb. 2005 33KB 

Administrative Order 07 - Minimum Plant Materials Certification Standards for Citrus (Citrus sp.)

10 Feb. 2005 33KB 

Administrative Order 04 - General Guidelines and Requirements for Accreditation of Private and Other Seed Testing Laboratories

14 Jan 2005 32KB

Administrative Order 03 - DA Policy on the Protection of Intellectual Properties

20 Jan 2005 22KB