Administrative Order No. 32 - Accreditation Guidelines for the Food Lane Project

08 Dec 2004 32KB

Administrative Order No. 31 - Rate of fees for the issuance of the certificate of eligibility/certificate of accreditation regarding the grant of tariff exemptions for the
importation of agricultural and fisheries inputs, equipment, and machinery
pursuant to executive order 376, series of 2004

02 Dec 2004 25KB 

Administrative Order No. 30 - Supplemental Guidelines on Importation of Buffalo
Meat from India Thru a Consolidator in Pursuant to Administrative
Order No. 31, Series of 2002.

28 October 2004 26KB 

Administrative Order No. 28 - Amendment to Administrative Order No. 31,
Series of 2002 Re: Supplemental Guidelines on the Importation
and Utilization of Buffalo Meat from India

05 October 2004 22KB 

Administrative Order No. 25 - Revised Fees on some Established Services
and Fees on New Laboratory Services and Products available at
the Laboratory Services Division, Bureau of Animal Industry.

14 October 2004 25KB 

Administrative Order No. 23  - Amending Revised Schedule of Fees and
Charges for the Services rendered by the Animal Products Development
Center (APDC) of the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI)

27 September 2004 38KB 

Administrative Order No. 22 - Adopting the "No Inspector, No Slaughter"
Policy in Meat Establishments and Prescribing an Overtime
Compensation System for Meat Plant Officers

11 October 2004 24KB 

Administrative Order No. 16 - Revised Guidelines for Establishment, Operation
and Accreditation of a Livestock "Oksyon" Market

15 July 2004 44KB 

Administrative Order No. 08 - Amending the Administrative Order No. 3
series of 1997, regarding reviesed guidelines on the registration
and licensing of livestock, poultry and by-products handler's and
livestock transport carriers

01 March 2004 40KB 

Administrative Order No. 06 - Enforcing the existing Philippne Agricultural
Engineering Standards as Integral Parts in the Design, construction,
Repair and Minatenance of Agricultural Buildings and Facilities

01 March 2004 30KB 

Administrative Order No. 05 - Amendment to Administrative Order No. 33
Series of 2000, Regarding Schedule of Fees and Charges for the Services
Being Rendered by the Animal Feeds Standard Division (AFSD)Administrative

02 February 2004 27KB 

Administrative Order No. 03 - Accreditation of Highmeat 21C Company,
Limited of South Korea to Export Pork and Its By-products to the Philippines

27 February 2004 24KB 

Administrative Order No. 01 - Guidelines For Delineating/Delimiting Municipal
Waters for Municipalities and Cities without Offshore Islands

14 January 2004 49KB 
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