Administrative Order No. 27 - Implementation of sthe Eradication Phase of the
National Program to Control and Eradicate Foot and Mouth Disease in the Philippines

03 December 2003 30KB

Administrative Order No. 25 - Revision of Schedule of Fees for Diagnostic Services Rendered by the Philippine Animal Health Center, Bureau of Animal Industry

17 October 2003 53KB 

Administrative Order No. 24 - Policies and Guidelines for the Declaration of Rabies
Free Zone in the Philippines

07 October 2003 28KB 

Administrative Order No. 23 - Amendment to Administrative Order No. 6
Series of 2000

22 September 2003 22KB 

Administrative Order No. 20 - Amendment to Administrative Order No. 50,
Series of 2000

27 August 2003 21KB 

Administrative Order No. 19 - Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
Certification and Audit of Drug Manufacturing Plants for
Animal Health Products

22 July 2003 24KB 
Administrative Order No. 18 - Additional Schedule of fees and charges
for services rendered by the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority
11 July 2003 22KB 

Administrative Order No. 17 - Revised fees of established laboratory services
and products, included are fees of the new services available at the
drug assay laboratory - chemistry section of the laboratory services divison,
Bureau of Animal Industry

18 June 2003 29KB 

Administrative Order No. 14 - Ban on the use in food animals of beta-agonist drugs
used in human as bronchodilators and tocolytic agents

12 May 2003 23KB 

Administrative Order No. 13 - Guidelines in the Accreditation of Certifying Bodies
for Standards on Organic Agriculture

23 April 2003 27KB 

Administrative Order No. 12 - Integration of the Manila Domestic Airport Veterinary,
Fisheries and Plant Quarantine intoOne Unified DA Quarantine Services

25 April 2003 22KB 

Administrative Order No. 09 - Mandatory Application of Hazard Analysis Critical
Control Point (HACCP) Program in all NMIC Accredited "AAA" Meat Establishments.

12 March 2003 23KB 

Administrative Order No. 08 - Rules governing the importation of live cattle from Vanuatu

12 March 2003 23KB 

Administrative Order No. 07 - Implementing Rules and Regulations of the "Philippine Plant
Variety Protection Act of 2002"

24 Feb. 2003 22KB 

Administrative Order No. 06 - Adoption of the Philippine Agricultural Engineering Standards
Volume II Series of 2001 (PAES Vol. II)

20 Feb. 2003 28KB 
Administrative Order No. 03 - Amendments to Administrative Order No. 6 Series of 2002 06 January 2003 22KB 

Administrative Order No. 01 - Amending Administrative Order No. 14 S. 1998,
"Revised Guidelines for the Feeder Cattle Importation by Private Sector"


06 January 2003 22KB