Administrative Order No. 31 - Supplemental Guidelines on the Importation
and Utilization of Buffalo Meat from India

10 Dec. 2002 28KB

Administrative Order No. 30 - Accreditation of Meat Establishments
in Brazil to Export Poultry Meat and Poultry Meat Products to the Philippines

10 Dec. 2002 27KB 

Administrative Order No. 29 - Accreditation of Chaishan Meats and Food Company
to Export Cooked Pork Skin to the Philippines from Taiwan

10 Dec. 2002 23KB 

Administrative Order No. 28 - Accreditation of Meat Establishments in China
to Export Meat and Meat Products to the Philippines

10 Dec. 2002 28KB 

Administrative Order No. 26 - Accreditation of Zhongshan Foodstuffs Import
and Export Co. LTD. Shiqi Pigeon Farm to Export Live Pigeons from China

12 Nov. 2002 23KB 

Administrative Order No. 23 - Revised Rules and Regulations on the Importation
of Game fowls into the Philippines

26 Sept 2002 41KB 

Administrative Order No. 22 - Subject: Accreditation of JEJU Livestock Cooperative
Products Marketing Center, Jing Yang Food Co., Ltd. And JEJU Foods Co.,
to Export Pork and its Products into the Philippines from Cheju Island, South Korea

13 Aug 2003 23KB 

Administrative Order No. 21 - Amending Administrative Order No. 15, series of 1991
of the Department of Agriculture-Bureau of Animal Industry by Prescribing
Guidelines and Requirements in the Establishment of Research and
Development Laboratories Pursuant to Act No. 3101

20 Aug 2002 27KB 

Administrative Order No. 20 - Omnibus Amendments to A.O. No. 5 Series of 2002

20 Aug 2002 31KB 

Administrative Order No. 19 - Accreditation of Meat Exporting Establishment
of Austria and Finland to Export Meat and Meat Products into the Philippines

24 June 2002 27KB 

Administrative Order No. 18 - Accreditation of Country Foods PTE LTD of 8 Senoko
South Road, Singapore to Export Meat Products into the Philippines

31 June 2002 22KB 

Administrative Order No. 17 - Updating the Cost of Soil Survey Reports and Maps
by the Soil Survey Division of the Bureau of Soils and Water Management

04 July 2002 27KB 

Administrative Order No. 16 - Accreditation of Spain as an Exporter of Pork and
Pork Products into the Philippines

10 June 2002 22KB 

Administrative Order No. 14 - Revised Guidelines for the Accreditation of Swine
Breeding Farms

03 April 2002 27KB 

Administrative Order No. 12 - Code of Practice and Minimum Standards for the
Welfare of Chickens

01 April 2002 65KB 

Administrative Order No. 11 - Recommending the Sustained Utilization of Coco
Peat or Coir Dust as a Complementary Soil Amendment (Conditioner)
for Optimization of Crop Yields Under Normal Times and for
Drought-Mitigating Measures During El Niño Years

25 March 2002 23KB 

Administrative Order No.10 - Adoptation of the Agricultural Engineering Standards,
Volume 1, Series of 2000

19 April 2002 28KB 

Administrative Order No. 09 - Participation of Rural-Based Organizations in
DA Activities & Support Thereof

15 April 2002 32KB 

Administrative Order No. 08 - Rules and Regulations for the Importation and
Release into the Environment of Plants and Plant Products Derived
from the Use of Modern Biotechnology

03 April 2002 24,676KB 

Administrative Order No. 06 - Revised Guidelines in the Importation of Processed
Dog Food and Cat Pet Foods.

04Jan 2002 25KB 

Administrative Order No. 05 - Revised Rules and Regulation on the Control and
Eradication of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD)

14Jan. 2002 33KB 

Administrative Order No. 04 - Temporary Ban on the Transshipment from Japan
and China of Domestic and Wild Birds and Their Products Including
Poultry Meat, Day-Old Chicks, Eggs and Semen Originating from the
United States of America (USA)

30Jan 2002 26KB 

Administrative Order No. 03 - Temporary Ban on the Importation of Domestic
and Wild Birds and Their Products Including Poultry Meat, Day-Old Chicks,
Eggs and Semen Originating from the State of Pennsylvania,
United States of America (USA)

 30Jan 2002 25KB 

Administrative Order No. 02 - Guidelines for the Implementation of EO 45
dated October 24, 2001, "Prescribing Time Periods for Issuance of
Housing-Related Certifications, Clearances and Permits, and Imposing
Sanctions for Failure to Observe the Same"

 22Jan 2002 43KB 

Administrative Order No. 01 - Defining the Role of the Bureau of Animal Industry
in the Absorption of the Programs and Functions of the National Stud Farm
Pursuant to Executive Order 296, S. 2000

 22Jan 2002 27KB 
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