Administrative Order No. 04 - Revised Guidelines In The Importation of Agricultural Products (series of 1998) 25KB
Administrative Order No. 08 - Rules and Regulations on Registration of Animal Control Facility, aviary, cattery, circus/carnival, animal show, corral, crocodile farm, hog farm, kennel, laboratory, animal facility, monkey farm, pet shop, poultry farm, racetrack and equestrian establishment, slaugterhouse, stock farm, stockyard, stud farm, veterinary clinic, veterinary hospital, wildlife rescue center and zoo. 22KB 
Administrative Order No. 23 - Banning of Imports of Feeds, Meat and Meat Products, Milk and Milk Products, Eggs and Processed Food Containing the Same from Belgium, France, The Netherlands and Germany, and Certification Requirements for Similar Imports from Other Countries 22KB 
Administrative Order No. 24 - Complementary Certification Requirements for the Release of In-Transit Shipments of or Issuance of Advisories Clearing Products Covered by Administrative Order No. 23 s. 1999 23KB 
Administrative Order No. 26 - Certification Requirements for Shipments of Products Covered by Department Administrative Order No. 23 Series of 1999 23KB 
Administrative Order No. 29 - Reimposition of Import Restricitons of Belgian Products Covered by AO 23 Series of 1999 22KB 
Administrative Order No. 37 - Revised Guidelines on the Certification of Eligibility for Reclassification of Agricultural Lands and Providing Mechanisms for the Implementation Thereof 34KB 
Administrative Order No. 39 - Revised Implementation Guidelines on the Utilization of the Agricultural Competitiveness Enhancement Fund 27KB 
Administrative Order No. 40 - Rules and Regulations on the Conduct of Scientific Procedures Using Animals 21KB 
Administrative Order No. 43 - Rules and Regulations on Animals Air Transport 27KB 
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